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news from the nut hut

Now for news from the nut hut!
LONG BEACH, Calif. (Wireless Flash) --

Mark September 29 on your calendar because it will mark the beginning of
the end of the world.

That's the chilling news from E.T. expert Dr. Terry Johnson, who claims
various conglomerations of alien races are conspiring to destroy planet
Earth on that day -- with the help of a few volcanoes and earthquakes.

Johnson says an earthquake is scheduled to take place in Guadalajara,
Mexico, and when the "crest" of the quake happens, a giant spacecraft
will slam into the fault line like a "kamikaze" fighter and start a
global chain reaction that will result in the ultimate destruction of
the planet.

He claims the E.T.s want to destroy Earth because, in his words,
"They're afraid of human creativity and our unique ways of problem

Some humans will be saved, and Johnson says many are already being
abducted to other planets to be used as super computers.

It sounds hopeless, but he says hundreds of human abductees are working
as a resistance force by learning to fly UFOs.
Ray T. Mahorney

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