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On anorexia, bulimia, suicide, and happiness in the freedom of personal choice...

Greetings all, this is my first post to the group, pleasure ehh....meeting all of you.

Delicate subject indeed! I'm going to play the "devil's advocate" here(no pun intended) and offer my thoughts on a few passages from our *crusade*r who posted re: the anorexia outrage, etc...I do apologize ahead of time if this comes off sounding like a flame as it is not my ultimate intention. The word "you", unless it is obviously connected to the poster, means everyone reading this post. I realize that these issues are things our poster feels/felt very strongly about at the time of posting, but...

"Earlier this evening, I was perusing through 'Self' magazine..."
good gods woman why do you read that rot to begin with? Surely, being the queen bitch(as your icon implies) has afforded you enough self-esteem and self-confidence to not require the rhetorical non-sense found in those magazines! Have we, as a society, become so un-creative as to depend on over-paid gossips to tell us how to live our lives and be happy. Back slowly away from those tools of brainwashing and just take a deep breath and smile...everything is just fine.

"They are assuring anorexics and bulimics to invite death into their hearts and claiming that it is all right to commit suicide."
And who are ANY OF US to tell everyone else what is and what is not ok to do, hmmm? Are we everyone else? No, therefore, it is NOT for us to try to run everyone else's lives. Suicide is a very personal decision, JUST LIKE SEX OR AUTO RACING OR SKIING, each of these things can very easily lead to death(i.e. you go into these things knowing you could die very easily, but you go anyway and no, wearing/using protection isn't 100% insurance against STD's). So since everyone who wants to commit suicide should be FORCED to stop what it is they want to do to find happiness, then so should people who want to have sex, go skiing, or race cars. Sound ridiculous? Well where does the forcing others to live as we want them end then? Being pick-and-choose and half-arsed about our moralities only destroys our credibility as intelligent individuals.

"This has to put to a stop! But, tragically, the First Amendment has the audacity to defend this bullshit."
This, I found truly disturbing. So by making the above statement, are you saying that if something upsets you that it should not be allowed to exist? Because I know an old German guy back in the 1930's who thought that because to him, Jews were the scum of the earth, they shouldn't be allowed to exist. When other people started believing him, MILLIONS, Jews and non-Jews alike, died or were tortured horribly.
IT'S THE SAME THING. By trying to force others to do what we want them to do because what they want(or *gasp* what makes them happy) upsets and offends our fragile sensibilities, we are acting NO differently than any infamous dictator we can think of.

"I beseech you to join support communities on livejournal regarding anorexia and bulimia. There are also self-harm, alcoholim, depression etc. support communities if you are interested. Please, please go to those evil sites and groups and try to put some sense into those people. This makes my heart ache."
Self-harm is another personal(and sometimes sexual) decision, and again if we are going to run out and remove from existence every little thing that breaks our hearts or offends us, then we all had better be prepared to live with that Nazi flag flying over our nations' capitols. I'm sure that most democratic countries were formed with *individual* FREEDOM of choice in mind. With each step we take to destroy that freedom piece by piece, we come closer to an intellectually stagnant, unfeeling world not worth living in.

My main point is simply. Do what you will, but I am simply asking you to consider the LONG TERM consequences of crusading to make your little part of the world a little more comfortable versus everyone's right(including your own) to choose their own destinies. We have a right to disagree with their choices, and in most democratic countries we have the right to express our disagreements, but I believe we have NO right to take away those choices, no matter what results, JUST because we disagree with them. Let's not be selfish and make others live in our world. Let's let everyone just live their lives as they wish(or not at all if that is their choice). After all, if what we really want is for people to be happy, then we have to realize/remember that happiness is defined on an individual basis.

"I may not approve of what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it..."

...and now back to your regularly scheduled programming

In Darkness,

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