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now *THIS* fucking pisses me off.

These fucking assholes are the only ones that should have been in the WTC when the planes hit it! No one with an IQ level over 10 would have missed such blithering, stupid failed abortions. This is exactly what we DON'T NEED HERE, NOW more than ever! goddamnit, I hate racism enough as it is, but these neanderthals make it WORSE! They have no excuse for this behavior, NO EXCUSE. They know better, hell equal treatment for every U.S. citizen has been spoon-fed to all of us in, I'm sure, every state in the U.S. since we were kids! These(the attacks) are acts of pure , willful ignorance and they should be punished SEVERELY as such! What a bunch of ASS-BACKWARD IDIOT PIECES OF TRASH! gods help me and them if I catch someone being violent toward an Arab-American in my town *JUST* because of all that has happened to us and JUST because he/she is Arab.

Idiocy in its base form
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